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MiSTing debate on Metafandom

I've been following metafandom for a little while now, and their digest of October 19 contained links to some postings about a MiSTing kefuffle in the SGA fandom. I thought it might be of interest to this community.

It seems someone has started a community, sga_mst, devoted to SGA MiSTings. None of the MiSTings are done with permission, and as an added twist, the MiSTers do not even credit the author and title of the work being MiSTed. They claim that this makes the process less of a personal attack, by focusing attention on the text and not the author. Opponents claim it's a "remix without permission," and therefore the community owners are being hypocritical.

The initial post:

Sample quote: "If you are going to be an asshole in public and you honestly don't care what other people think or say about it then by all means embrace your assholery. But please spare all of us the random justification that what you are doing is somehow different than what "those other people" are doing."

Sample comment: "All I kept thinking was, 'posting bits of someones story without attributing it is stealing, right???' Or did the rules change while I was reading too much McShep? How can they not see that this is stealing? Also, it's mean-spirited and wanky. But that's me just being...a nice person? someone who adores her fandom? human? *sorry, that's me being snippy*" (spiritus_asper)

Another user agrees with the initial post:

Sample quote: "...this person - or persons - had decided to set themselves up as judge, jury and above all executioner on what was acceptable as fanfiction in this particular fandom (I repeat...must be lovely to be perfect!). I was appalled at first, wondering just why someone - anyone - would think it was okay to pick on random people like just sounded like bullying to me."

One of the community maintainers counters:

Sample quote: "In satire, the point is not the original source material (most of the time) or the author who wrote it, it's the fact that the person satirizing or parodying the material has seen this all before (usually many, many times), and would like to bring the sheer ridiculousness of it to the attention of others of like mind, and does it using a particularly egregious example. That's it, that's the point of communities like sga_mst and many others like it. (And it certainly doesn't require an author's name or story title attributed to it to make the point, which, weirdly enough, seems to be the biggest thing some people are getting hung up on.)"


So what do I think about the whole thing? Mostly, I'm saddened that this is what MiSTing has become. At the risk of sounding like a cranky old geezer, I miss the days when it was a respectable fic format.

Does anybody know of any good place to go on Livejournal for MiSTings?

Crossposted to svam.
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