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Cressida's Journal
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Monday, October 31st, 2016
11:21 am
RPG Replay: "Fall of Magic," GenCon 2016 / Part 3: Barleytown
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

*** Magus / Barleytown: The Hospitality of the Barley Lord ***

After a certain space of time traveling in the Oak Hills, during which time the nights grow longer, the air grows cooler, and the trees start to burst out into color, we come into Barleytown just in time for the harvest festival. Although Barleytown is ruled by a noble family--actually, no, let's scratch that. Barleytown is built around this abbey, and the abbot is the de facto ruler of the town. But every year during the harvest festival, they appoint the Barley Lord, who reigns over the city in a mood of revelry, permitting things the abbot would never allow. Think the King of Mardi Gras. And so we arrive just in time the enjoy the hospitality of the Barley Lord.

Part 3: Barleytown and Wrap-Up CommentsCollapse )
Thursday, September 29th, 2016
9:03 am
RPG Replay: "Fall of Magic," GenCon 2016 / Part 2: The Oak Hills
(Continued from part 1)

Caspian: I think it's time for the Magus to move to the Oak Hills.

Host: Everyone take back their tokens.

Caspian: So this is in the Magus's words?

Host: Yes, so when you play the Magus, show us who they are, what they're thinking, and how we travel together. Just as you would your own character.

Caspian: Okay.

Host: And you're going to describe to us the Oak Hills first, and eventually the ending of summer.

Part 2: The Oak HillsCollapse )

(Concluded in part 3)
Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
1:47 pm
RPG Replay: "Fall of Magic," GenCon 2016 / Part 1: Ravenhall
I recently learned about the idea of the "replay," a transcript of a game session. They're circulated among RPG players in Japan and sometimes even published as paperback books. I've also been telling a lot of friends about playing a game called "Fall of Magic" at GenCon in August. Since I have a recording of the session, I thought a replay would be a great way to convey how the story went.

The "Host" was the creator of the game, who taught us how to play at Games on Demand, Friday, August 5, at 10 p.m. I've trimmed out a fair amount of his explanation of how to play the game, but hopefully enough remains so that readers can follow it. I didn't get the real names of all the other players, so I just listed everyone by character names here. I'm Harp in the transcript below. I got the feeling the other three guys knew each other and played together regularly.

Part 1: RavenhallCollapse )

(Continued in part 2)
Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
1:34 pm
"A Wretched Hive" Preview
We finally re-started our Star Wars game last night with "A Wretched Hive."

Zarra photo Zarra_on_CatoNeimoidia_zpsuhiapwyr.jpg
Monday, November 10th, 2014
11:52 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 7)
Previous part

Nalon is the first to react, slapping an energy ball into his cesta as he assesses the situation. Cut off the head and the beast usually dies, he thinks as he lobs the ball at Ganga Lor.

The Chevan dives to the side just in time to avoid taking the full force of the blast, but it still explodes with satisfying force against his side. He shoves his way between two of his thugs and retreats to the back of the room, where he shouts encouragement and threats to his party.

As the others find cover and trade shots with Ganga's men, Jebet creeps swiftly behind the row of crates toward the back of the room to where Ganga is hiding. Her hand slips into a deep inner pocket, and moments later, the blue blade of a lightsaber illuminates the dim alley.

Meanwhile, Ganga Lor's thugs are faring badly. Path downs one with a well-aimed shot. Beejax dodges a blast and takes out the shooter in return, while Nalon catches one full in the chest with an energy ball. Even the Twi'lek bodyguard--seemingly the only one of Switch's guards who can aim--gets in a solid hit. Seeing his enforcers cut down so easily, Ganga pops up from his hiding spot behind a crate. Cupping his hands to his mouth, he shouts, "Blue shadow special! Blue shadow special!"

Immediately, Switch's guards, with the exception of the Twi'lek, turn their guns on their former allies. Caught by surprise, Nalon and Beejax are both hit before they have a chance to react. Indignant squawking sounds issue from under the desk as Switch realizes what is happening.

A blaster bolt screams past Jebet's ear from behind, and she whips around to see one of Switch's guards with a pistol. Memories crowd in upon her of clone troopers cutting down their former friends, Jedi falling without knowing why they had been betrayed ... Her lightsaber strikes with lightning speed, and the guard falls dead to the floor.

The others by now have recovered from their surprise. Path and Rima shift around to shoot from better cover behind piles of crates. Beejax fires at a thug and then ducks behind the japor ivory wood desk. He finds himself face to face with Switch, who looks as angry as a droid with an immovable face can look.

"I find myself in sudden need of a new set of more competent guards," Switch remarks.

Most of Ganga Lor's original thugs are down by this point. Realizing they are outmatched, the traitor guards start to run for the door, firing wildly as they retreat. Nalon collapses with laughter, pointing, while Path taunts Ganga, "You paid them too much!"

Beejax pokes a loose piece of plating on Switch's arm. "You know, I could fix that for you later," he comments before darting out to cut off one of the guards from reaching the door.

Seeing that the battle is lost, Ganga Lor also turns to leave--only to find his way blocked by a set-faced Sullustan wielding a lightsaber. He barely ducks Jebet's first vicious swing. "Can't we talk about this?" he pants as the blade hums through the air close to his face. He glances back and forth nervously, looking for an escape. Path and Nalon have by this time moved to block the door. Ganga attempts to squeeze between the crates, a half-formed plan of taking Switch hostage in his mind, but mostly just desperate to put some distance between him and the lightsaber. He can hardly move in the narrow space, however, making him an easy target.

Path, from his place by the door, watches with something like respect as the normally mild-mannered Jebet cuts down Ganga Lor with two quick slashes. Kind of a change of pace, having something like that happen in front of me and I didn't have to be frightened, he thinks wryly.

Jebet stands for a moment, panting, her lightsaber still raised, glancing around for any more enemies. Seeing that all is quiet, she deactivates the lightsaber and puts it away with shaking hands. I lost control. I struck him down in anger. Just for a moment, I gave in to the Dark Side. She tries not to look at the body of the Chevan sprawled before her, but her conscience replays the last few seconds for her anyway. There is no emotion; there is only peace, she recites to herself.

"So," Rima asks sweetly as Switch emerges from his hiding place, "does disposing of your business rival carry any additional value for you? Perhaps we could consider that payment for the transportation, and then we could consider the information exchange as in-kind both ways?"

Switch brushes some probably imaginary dust from his casing. "That sounds quite equitable to me." He kicks the body of one of the fallen traitor guards and adds, "Mental adjustment of hiring algorithms: no more Gamorreans."

Path, always practical, checks the fallen thugs for weapons and equipment. "Some decent blaster pistols," he reports, "and the boss has a datapad." He hands the datapad to Rima, who offers it to Switch. Meanwhile, Path distributes pistols to those who don't already have them. Jebet accepts one silently, eyes downcast.

After examining the datapad, Switch makes a pleased sound. "I'm sure I can use this to my advantage," he says in a satisfied tone as he stows it in a drawer.

Rima resumes her seat by Switch's desk. "We would like to collect our 'item' and take it to our transport. Where can we find it?"

"It is stored on the Blue Deck because the Imperial presence is much heavier there, discouraging some of the more repulsive element. This improves the security, but it may also increase the difficulty of extracting it."

"Yes...yes it does." Rima chews on her lip, wondering how to get into the most exclusive section of the station.

Switch spreads his hands in the droid equivalent of a shrug. "I only agreed to hold the object for Maya; I did not agree to deliver it to her. With the information as to the location of the item, our agreement has been satisfactorily discharged. The rest of it is up to you."

"You are technically correct," sighs Rima.

"The best kind," Path adds under his breath.

Rima glances at the others. "Why don't we go back to our quarters so we can discuss this privately?"

"Yes, I'm sure Switch has a great deal to clean up," Jebet says, speaking for the first time since the fight.

"Indeed. Organics are disgusting creatures," Switch says, watching the Twi'lek bodyguard drag a body toward an open shaft at the back of the chamber. "When damaged, they drip fluids."

Switch's comment makes the several of the others aware of their blood-spattered clothing. "Back through the vents, then," says Nalon as they turn to go.

"Did anyone see if they have laundry services on this station?" asks Path.

* * *

A little later, in the apartment, Rima is calling up the station map on the computer. Maya is resting on the couch, having been filled in on the results of the meeting with Switch. The others are seated about the room, with the exception of Path, who is in an adjoining room trying to wash the blood out of his borrowed coveralls.

Jebet speaks up in a small voice. "I just hope Switch's people are good enough at disposing of bodies that, um, certain distinctive injuries won't be noticed."

"They'll probably feed them to the dianogas in the compactors," says Rima without looking up.

"If I know Switch, he won't want to call attention to any goings-on in his empire unless he sees some advantage to himself in it," Maya adds. "Plus, it sounds like he's happy with you folks right now."

Path holds up the coveralls to inspect his progress and sighs. The stains are proving stubborn. "I don't want to just leave these for the owner to find when he comes back," he says with a frown.

"You could leave them to soak in some detergent," suggests Beejax.

"Back on Naboo, we clean it all out with swamp sludge," says Nalon. "Naboo not have many clothes left as a result." Path simply looks at him; he shrugs. "I did not say I was endorsing it, just mentioning."

Meanwhile, Rima has zoomed in on the relevant portion of the station map. Blue Deck is at the highest point of Sel-Zonn station, with exclusive lounges and parking for private cruisers. "I can fit in--but then we run into the trouble of a Sullustan, a Duros, a Gungan, and a Zabrak traveling together..."

"Without even a bar to go into," quips Path.

"All they need is a description of the racial composition of our group, and anyone can identify us," Beejax adds.

Path nods. "We were on camera at Gundark's anyway."

A new thought strikes Rima. "Unfortunately, since we were on camera, that means that they may have been able to get my description and learn my true identity--which means there'll be even greater interest in finding me."

"All the more reason we need to be ready to go as quickly as possible," Maya puts in. "It may take a while for the information to filter through the proper channels; maybe not all the patrols will have our descriptions yet."

"Bureaucracy grinds slow, but it can grind very fine indeed," says Rima, somewhat cryptically. "So, our options are either a quick military strike or we can disguise ourselves as best as possible. I can disguise myself again, but there are limits to how much I can disguise your species."
Tuesday, May 27th, 2014
12:39 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 6)
Previous part

 photo 4_gamguards_zps368590e7.jpg
A little while later, a ventilation hatch opens in a dim corridor of sector V14. Two Gamorreans guarding a doorway at the end of the hall watch in surprise as a mixed group of assorted species tumbles out in a heap.

As the others sort themselves out, Rima detatches herself from the group and approaches the guards, followed by Jebet. "So...we're here to see Switch?" she asks uncertainly. "Maya sent us."

The guards look at each other and shrug.

"It's okay," says Jebet, making a small hand gesture. "You knew we were coming, and we're allowed."

The guards step aside, and the group enters a dilapidated storage bay. Several metal plates are missing from the floor, and a large pile of rubble fills one corner. Piles of crates form the walls of a corridor, funneling them toward a luxurious sight which contrasts oddly with the general squalor of the room: behind a large desk made of pure japor ivory wood sits a sleek black administration droid. Its bright eyes flicker occasionally as if mimicking a blinking motion. Beside it, an astromech droid burbles quietly to itself. On its other side, a burly Twi'lek in a long coat stands with his arms folded.

The black droid inclines its head, addressing Rima in a clipped voice. "Good evening, Ms. Donpol. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am 3d-4X, though I have developed some affection for the name my friends and guests have selected for me, Switch. I am pleased that you were not damaged heavily at Gundarks."

"Thank you for your solicitude. We are well. Ms. Samaris sent us to pick up an item that we believe is being stored with you."

"Would you like to sit down and discuss this over beverages? I have a suitable variety for your assorted species."

"Please." Rima takes the one seat which appears to be reserved for Switch's clients. Path stands behind her in proper bodyguard style, his eyes darting around the room and noting several figures half-concealed in the shadows. Beejax and Jebet find crates to sit on, while Nalon paces back and forth as if restless. Like Path, he has noticed the presence of others in the room, and he wants to keep an eye on them.

Once the Twi'lek has brought drinks for everyone, Switch continues. "I am actually in possession of Ms. Samaris' item; I have arranged for it to be securely stored. However, because the imperials were so interested in it, the security measures required to adequately protect this item have unfortunately increased the cost to myself."

"I see," says Rima, stroking her braid meditatively. "And what level of costs are we talking about here?"

"For the past several days of storage and the additional security arrangements, I would need a thousand credits in order to return the item to your custody."

"Allow me to confer with my colleagues for a moment."

Switch makes an accommodating gesture, and the group huddles in a circle a short distance away. "I only have half that amount," Rima tells the others in a low voice.

"I have the other half," Jebet says unexpectedly. When the others look at her in surprise, she shrugs a little sheepishly. "I don't spend much."

"I prefer not to spend my entire bankroll, though," says Rima doubtfully.

"See if you can haggle or work out a trade," Path suggests. "I want to get paid."

The group breaks up, and Rima seats herself before Switch once more. "We can pay in cash if needed, but times are tight with all these imperial terrorists and the like. Are you willing to accept payment in trade or in kind, rather than straight creds? Is there anything you need brought off-station, for example?"

"Or any repairs you need done?" adds Beejax.

"I believe that we can come to some arrangement," Switch replies. "There are two potential tasks that I might find of sufficient value to trade for. One of them is this: I am in possession of a crate of Corellian ale which needs to be delivered to Alderaan. Assuming that it would actually be delivered and not consumed, because organics have a tendency to do things like that."

"Any task that we undertake, we will undertake to the best of our ability," says Jebet firmly.

"The other possibility: my life's--not blood, but oil, if you will--is information. I need access to information from other locations. If you are willing to report back to me any interesting tidbits that you find on your journeys, I will reduce my fee by two hundred credits per informant."

"I think that would be acceptable," answers Rima. "We should be able to take your cargo, circumstances permitting--and rest assured, we will make sure it is unmolested. And certainly I would be interested in sharing information. I can't speak for my colleagues."

Most of the others murmur agreement, except for Jebet. "What exactly is the nature of the information that interests you?" she asks Switch.

"Anything that can be sold to someone else. Imperial activities, local politics, shipping accidents, people who are in places that they should not be."

Jebet lets out a long breath. "There are--categories of information that I would be willing to share," she says finally. And some of those things would be in my own best interests to have shared. Things that will cause trouble for Imperials, for example.

"Thank you very much," says Switch. "Then I believe we would be in agreement to call it even?"

"I believe we can make that deal. Does anyone object?" asks Rima. When no one does, she and Switch clink glasses to seal the bargain.

Discussion then turns to practical matters, such as where to find repulsorlifts to aid in transporting the heavy items. This is interrupted by the sound of blaster fire in the hallway outside. The door slides open, and a massive Chevan steps in over the bodies of the two Gamorrean guards. Behind him are several heavily-armed thugs of various species, blasters drawn and pointed at the group by the desk.

"So!" the Chevan bellows. "You making deals and not givin' me my cut, huh, Switch?"

Switch's voice sounds almost amused. "Ah, Ganga Lor. We meet again. I shall look forward to your extermination."

"Right! Turn him into scrap, boys!"

Switch dives behind the desk as the blaster bolts begin flying.

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Friday, April 19th, 2013
1:29 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 5)
Previous part

Nalon is the first to speak. "This mean hurtin' the Empire?"

"Yes," says Maya.

Nalon grins toothily. "I'm in."

The others add their agreement. "Why break with tradition now?" asks Path, summing up the general mood.

Maya shifts a little to find a more comfortable posture. "All right. One of our agents was in the Deep Core, and he got stuck there. He has very important information that we need. So the way he came up with to get himself off the planet was to have himself frozen in carbonite and shipped as cargo."

"Sounds dangerous," Rima comments.

"Believe me, it would have been a lot more dangerous if he'd been caught traveling as himself. So here's the thing: supposedly, the shipment arrived here yesterday. I just went to meet my contact, who is affiliated with one of the ... let's say 'unofficial organizations' that runs things on this station. He was supposed to let me know the location of the drop-off. When I got there, he was dead, and there were a bunch of navy waiting for me. I barely had time to grab his datapad; that was all I could get." Maya pulls a datapad out of a large pocket in her coveralls. "I hope this has the information we need. Otherwise, I don't know what we're going to do; we're going to have to find it somehow."

"I'll make it confess." Path takes the datapad with relish and grins evilly. "Beware, little datapad!" he whispers.

"Never field a droid army against you," Nalon says with a shake of his head.

"Damn straight."

After about ten minutes of work on unlocking the passcode, Path stares at the datapad in disbelief. "One-two-three-four? Really?"

"I can't say my contact struck me as the brightest bulb in the box," Maya admits.

"I don't think they manufacture imagination in the Empire," adds Nalon.

They cluster around to see what information the datapad has to offer. It contains only a few cryptic notes: "Maya," "cargo bay V14," and "Switch."

"Where's cargo bay V14?" Path asks the group at large.

"We should be able to get a map of the station somehow," says Jebet.

"There be a drop-off time for this?" Nalon asks Maya.

"I don't know. I was hoping to get that information from my contact. I do know who Switch is; Switch was his boss."

"Oho, so it not be a switch."

"Remember how I mentioned 'unofficial organizations'? Switch is the leader of one of these organizations."

"It be a Hutt cartel?"

"Switch is a droid."

"Ooh! We gettin' exotic here."

"He used to work as an admin droid for a leader in the Syndicate," Maya explains, "but his boss was shot in a turf war a few months ago. Some of the men stayed with Switch."

Rima settles down at the apartment's computer. "I'll bring up a map of the station and see if we can find this cargo bay." She starts navigating through the options and menus.

While Rima works on the computer, Path moves to sit on the couch next to Jebet. He begins unscrewing the vibro-bayonet from his old slugthrower rifle in preparation for transferring it to the new blaster carbine.

"I've got a question about the way you fight," he says conversationally.

Jebet tenses. "Yeah?"

"You always swing a stun-stick like you figure you'll cut right through the target."

Jebet says nothing, but her mind races. I just told Maya we could trust this group ... hope he's not about to make me a liar.

"Been on the other end of those things," Path continues, keeping his eyes on his work.

"Let's just say old habits die hard," Jebet answers cautiously. Her eyes dart around, looking for the quickest path to the door; she wonders if she could make it before Path could shoot.

But his expression doesn't change, and he just keeps fiddling with the screws on the bayonet attachment. "Remind me to duck next time you start swinging."

Jebet can only chuckle with relief.

"I found bay V14," Rima calls, pointing to an area on the map marked off with yellow and purple bars. "It looks like it's under quarantine." She taps a few more keys. "That's interesting. The quarantine order was put in more than a year and a half ago."

Jebet and Path join the others to look over Rima's shoulder at the map. "Why would it still be quarantined?" Jebet wonders.

"Maybe Switch doesn't want anyone coming in," Path suggests.

Jebet frowns. "There's got to be a less conspicuous way of doing that."

"Depends on whether people normally care about V14," says Nalon. He points to another symbol on the map. "Look, the exhaust system..."

"Runs right by V14," Path finishes.

Nalon grins. "We about to do the ventilation shaft boogie, ain't we?"

The apartment's closet proves to contain several clean coveralls. After a quick discussion, the group decides to send Rima and Beejax to pose as mechanics and check out the exhaust shafts near V14 to see if they're really contaminated.

Rima puts her hair into two braids, a surprisingly effective disguise when combined with the coveralls; no one, unless looking closely at her, is likely to connect her with the well-groomed woman with the upswept hair in the security vids. She then turns to look Beejax over critically. "We can't really hide the fact that you're a Duros..."

"Maybe I'm just a migrant mechanical helper," he suggests with a wry smile.

"And I'm sure they think you all look alike anyway. At least the coveralls make us look more like mechanics. Fortunately, my nails are already filthy," Rima adds, glancing at her hands with a sigh.

Jebet can't resist asking, "See, remember how much you were grousing about that earlier?"

"Yes, it will be my salvation, and I'll regret that I ever longed for a manicure." But Rima doesn't sound truly convinced.

*** Screen wipe ***

The two "mechanics" return soon with the news that the ventilation shafts look safe, and people have even been seen entering or leaving occasionally. "The quarantine is probably a cover," Rima reports. "We're not likely to be irradiated or poisoned if we go in."

Maya speaks up from the couch. "It's pretty clear that someone tipped off the navy that a contact was about to go down, so be careful. Switch might have traitors in his organization."

"What'll you be doin' if Switch be playin' both sides?" asks Nalon.

Maya spreads her hands in a gesture that takes in her own helpless state. "We've got to get that guy out, no matter what. And we've got to get out of here as fast as possible, because I'm sure our images were all captured on the security cameras. They're going to know who we are."

"Do you have any way of getting off-station quickly?" asks Rima.

"I was supposed to be picked up in two days, but..." Maya shrugs.

"We do have one way," says Path.

"You mean Sirona?" asks Jebet.

"If you know something, I think the sooner we get off this station, the better," says Maya.

Rima looks at Beejax. "Will we be able to use your friend if it comes down to us fleeing quickly?"

"I think so. She owes me a favor from before, and she seems like a no-questions-asked sort of business."

Rima nods. "All right. If policy fails, then it comes down to us running quickly. This has the adavantage that our friend is portable and is actually the safest of us in a firefight. Is there a place we should take your friend to if..." She trails off, unsure how to finish the question.

"If you're not with us?" Jebet fills in tactfully.

Maya takes the implication in stride. "If something happens and I don't meet up with you again, go to Alderaan. If you can get there and get the agent thawed, he can tell you where to go next. But it would be best not to try thawing him until you're there."

As a final precaution before setting out, they decide to call Sirona and make sure she can be ready to leave on short notice if necessary--only to realize that they're not sure how to get hold of her. Remembering that they had seen her heading in the direction of the Sel-Zonn Hotel the previous night, Rima calls the hotel desk and asks if Sirona Okeefe is staying there. When Sirona answers, Rima hands the comm link over to Beejax.

"Hey, Sirona, it's Beejax."

"Beej! Nice to hear from you! Didn't I see you last night?

"Yeah, we had that drinking game where every time they mentioned the emperor..."

"Oh, yeah, I love that game! Best way to get blitzed I know of."

"So five or six friends and I might be needing to leave the station today on short notice; would we be able to come along with you on your ship?"

Sirona sounds surprised, but adjusts quickly. "Uh ... yeah. I'm between jobs right now, and hey, I owe you. Crash says hi."

In the background, a flat mechanical voice interjects, "I did not say hi."

"Ah, still functioning. That's good," Beejax murmurs with a grin as he gives a thumbs-up sign to the rest of the group.

"Ask what bay her ship is in," Jebet whispers.

"Where might we be able to meet you and your ship later?"

"I'm parked in Red Bay," Sirona answers. "Think you guys could be ready to leave this evening? I'm only registered at the hotel through today--in fact, I have to be checking out pretty soon."

"Oh yeah, I think we'll be ready to leave by then, for sure."

"All right! Well, I'm going to get Crash a little lube job and maybe play some sabaac. What time do you guys want to leave?"

"We have to pick up some cargo first ..."

"Just give me a call, then."

"We'll definitely call you back when we have a better idea. Hopefully there won't be any blaster fire in the background."

Sirona chuckles. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, Beej. Talk to you later!" The link switches off.

"So," says Nalon in the pause that follows, "what be the plan for gettin' there?"

"Looks like we've got a tunnel crawl," says Path.

"I'll lead," Nalon offers.

Rima finishes downloading the station map to her datapad and slings her bag over her shoulder. "Let's go, then."

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
5:12 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 4)
Previous part

Jebet launches herself forward and grabs Maya by the coveralls. She half-swings, half-drags Maya toward the bar and neatly steps behind her, so that Jebet is now between Maya and her pursuers. The loud chatter of Path's slug-thrower rifle rings through the cantina, but the navy squad continues their advance, blaster bolts flying.

"This woman is a wanted criminal for offenses against the Empire!" yells the leader. "Anyone cooperating with her will be subject to the same fate!"

"It's not the first time I've shot at your kind," Path mutters.

By this time, Beejax also has his pistol out and has joined the fight. Customers scream and scramble for the exits, dive into the bathrooms, or if all else fails, take refuge under tables.

Path catches Nalon's eye and motions toward two men at the bar who look surprisingly calm in the midst of the chaos. Their black armbands proclaim their membership in the Commission to Protect the New Order. "Nalon! Cops."

The COMPNOR men are focused on Maya. One seems to be speaking into the collar of his jacket, while the other is drawing something small and silvery from his pocket. Nalon hesitates for only the merest fraction of a second before shrugging. "Oh, to the Outer Rim with the Empire," he mutters, and chucks an energy ball at them.

More...Collapse )
Thursday, December 13th, 2012
2:08 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 3)
Previous part

* * * Screen Wipe: * * *

Gundark's Cantina is noisy and dimly-lit. Chairs of a strange, spidery design are clustered around small tables, while a bank of vidscreens lines the ceiling. Most are showing podraces, but one is always tuned to the Imperial all-news channel. Unusually, there is a sizeable group of people watching this screen. The reason becomes apparent when a boisterous female voice calls out to our heroes as they pick up their drinks from the bar: "Hey you guys, join the drinking challenge! You have to drink a shot of Corellian brandy every time they mention the Emperor! First one to hurl loses!"

Beejax looks up in surprise. "Hey, Sirona, is that you?"More...Collapse )
Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
1:43 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 2)
Part 1

After a brief pause, a new voice comes over the PA. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your co-pilot speaking. We apparently have had a little customs infraction. I'm sure it's just a mistake--a bureacratic error, probably. Of course, Freebird Transport will be unable to resume our journey after this leg until this is cleared up. However, we will provide you with vouchers for lodgings on Sel Zonn Station. When you exit the transport, please leave your identification with the station purser, and they will see to it that you have accommodations until we can send out a new transport to take over your journey. Thank you for traveling Freebird Transport, and thank you for your patience."

"Not even free drinks in the lounge?" Path shakes his head as he gathers up his things. "Their standards are slipping."

More...Collapse )
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
1:59 pm
Dawn of Defiance: The Traitor's Gambit (part 1)
This is a writeup of my gaming group's Star Wars game.

After the opening credits...

Sel Zonn Station hangs seemingly motionless among a sea of starships and satellites above the twinkling world of Brentaal as a transport vessel approaches. A central pylon forms the bulk of the station’s mass, and three landing platforms leading to docking bays extend from the central section, equidistant from one another and jutting out into space. The dorsal side of the station features a disc-shaped secondary structure, on top of which blinking lights indicate the presence of a landing platform reserved for wealthy patrons.Continued...Collapse )

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Friday, June 8th, 2012
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Jedi Service Corps, Part 2: The Agri-Corps
Continuing with the Order 66 podcast transcript, starting at 1:04:42.

Chris: As we said, this episode is going to focus on creating a character who is a member of the Agri-Corps itself. By far the largest of the four branches of the Service Corps, the Agri-Corps worked in conjunction with the Republic Agricultural Administration to provide healthy crops to underprivileged star systems suffering from natural disasters or blight, and they worked miracles with plants and crops, practising very unique Force methods, using the Living Force to grow and strengthen plant life. That's it in a nutshell. That was their schtick.

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Friday, June 1st, 2012
4:34 pm
Jedi Service Corps transcript from Order 66 podcast (part 1)
This is a transcription of some interesting discussion from the Order 66 podcast, episode 151, about the Jedi Service Corps. The hosts plan to cover all four branches in detail, but this is a general introduction to the corps as a whole. I've done some minor cleanup (skipping repeated or replaced words, for example). Ellipses mark the places where I've snipped out more than a few words.

The hosts for this episode are GM Chris and GM Phil. This transcript starts at 51:01 in episode 151.


Chris: For those not familiar with the Jedi Service Corps, then this and ... several other episodes are going to be just for you. We are going to talk about the Service Corps in a four-part episode series, each one devoted to one of the unique branches of the corps and how you can take a Saga Edition character down one of these specialized paths. We think you'll find that this can open up a whole new avenue of character design and creation for your PCs [player characters]--one that, frankly, is really rarely considered--and it can provide one of the most meaningful roleplaying experiences in the game. Tonight, we're going to give you an overview of the corps itself and then devote our discussion to the first and largest of its branches: the Agricultural Corps. So grab your trowel and your moisture vaporator and walk to the fields with us as we grow up and into the Agri-Corps.

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Recipe: Mexican Zucchini Soup
I've been promising lilan14 and sealover_astara for ages that I would post this recipe, so here it is at last!

Mexican Zucchini Soup

1 small onion, chopped (about 1/3 cup)
1 1/2 teaspoons butter or margarine (vegetable oil also works fine)
2 cups broth (chicken or vegetable)
2 cups unpeeled, diced zucchini (10 ounces, or 2 small)
1 1/2 cups corn kernels
2 Tablespoons finely chopped green chilies or jalapeno peppers, fresh or canned
1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste
1/8 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup low-fat or skim milk
2 ounces Monterrey Jack cheese, cut into 1/4-inch cubes
Minced fresh parsley and ground nutmeg for garnish

In a large saucepan, saute the onion in the butter until it is tender, about three minutes.

Stir in the broth, zucchini, corn, chilies, salt, and pepper. Bring the soup to a boil, reduce the heat, cover the pan, and cook soup until the zucchini is tender, about 5 minutes.

Stir in the milk and heat the soup until it is hot but not boiling. Remove the soup from the heat and stir in the cheese. Garnish the soup with parsley and nutmeg.

Note: I always use vegetable oil for the onions, and I generally don't bother with the cheese; I don't find that it makes a very big difference to the final result. I also don't usually add the nutmeg, but that's largely because I forgot about it!
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